Rune of Freyr, the god of fertility, peace and abundance, it begins his Aett.

Old German – Fehu (“Cattle, Prosperity”)
Old Norse – Fé – (“Live livestock, Money”)
Old English – Feoh (“Cattle, Money”)
Gothic: Faihu – (“Cattle, Prosperity, Wealth”)
other: Feh, Fo

Character: magnetic and reversible rune
Symbol: cow horns
Phone: f


Color: bright red, gold, yellow
Stone: moss agate
Plant: elderberry, nettle

Animal: cat, swallow
Number: 1
Phase of the Moon: full
Element: Fire

Divination Meaning:

Positive: beginning, energy, material or spiritual wealth, moveable goods, money, gold, cattle, property, prosperity, fertility, abundance, well-being, development, multiplication, fire, strength, endurance, generosity, magnanimity, implementation, fruition, formation

Negative: loss, abuse of power, poverty, impoverishment, doubt, uncertainty, stopping, arresting, avarice, envy, waste, greed, lack, overload, imbalance, chaos, destruction, excessive ambition


Use the gifts of spirit and matter and share them with others.
We do not lose anything by sharing . Set energy in motion and invest the capital.

cattle is the symbol of this rune because the number of cattle has been determinant of social status among the Germanic tribes. This is where the English word ‘fee’ (cost) originates from. Fehu was related to the practice of the ruler’s payment to his subjects for their services, the aim was to create a magical bond between ruler and subjects.


Rune’s image was adapted from Mrooczlandia http://www.mrooczlandia.com/darmowe/index.php?plik=karty_runiczne


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