Rune associated with the cow Audhumla.


Old German – Uruz, Uraz – (‘Aurochs’)
Old Norse – Uruz Ur – (‘Drizzle, rain’)
Old English – Ur – (‘Ox, Aurochs’)
Gothic – Urus- (‘Aurochs‘)
Other: Our, Ourr, Ourouz

Character: energetic and reversible rune
Symbol: horseshoe
Phone: u


Colour: green, dark green, burgundy
Stone: garnet
Plant: birch
Animal: auroch
Number: 2
Phase of the Moon: new moon
Element: earth

Divination Meaning:

Positive: health, vitality, energy, strength, rootedness, growth, endurance, harmony, peace, stability, healing

Negative: disease, stagnation, vulnerability, lack of rootedness, stubbornness, pertinacity, too strong attachment to matter, lack of protection


Manage your strength wisely. To achieve the goal you have to not only swing in the clouds, but also get down on earth.

Uruz is also the rune of energy, however it is not the wild energy of fire, but a stable power of the ground. It symbolizes the primary creative force of Audhumla who emerged together with Ymir at the beginning of the world, she fed him with her own milk and by licking the ice she freed Buri, the forefather of the people. According to the descriptions from the times of Julius Caesar, the young Germans hunted for aurochs to prove that they were worthy to enter the world of men. As the trophy they brought the aurochs’ horns, which were then framed in silver and used for drinking.


Rune’s image was adapted from Mrooczlandia http://www.mrooczlandia.com/darmowe/index.php?plik=karty_runiczne


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