Rune of Odin, the god of war, wisdom, poetry and magic.


Old German – Ansuz (‘God, the God of Ancestors’)
Old Norse – A(n)suz, Ass, Ansur (“God, Aesir”)
Old English – Os (“God”)
Gothic – Ansus (“God”)
other: Unsur, Oss, ôs, Asa As

Character: energetic and reversible rune
Symbol: coat of Odin
Phone: a


Color: dark blue, yellow
Stone: emerald
Plant: ash tree, toadstool
Animal: wolf
Number: 4
Phase of the Moon: new moon
Element: air

Divination Meaning:

Positive: wisdom, inspiration, speech, intellectual power, creativity, song, poetry, impulse to invent, ecstasy, inventing, learning, knowledge, intelligence, message, magic, exam, cleverness, information, understanding, the ability to express oneself, contact, perception, mindfulness , protection of the heavens, enthusiasm, transformation, agreement, the Internet

Negative: lying, cheating, betrayal, manipulation, blockades in expressing oneself, bad advice, bad reputation, lack of communication, duplicity, hypocrisy, duplicity, limited intellectual horizons, the failed exam, learning difficulties, deceit, gossip, slander, plagiarism


Words are powerful weapons. Do not be afraid to ask heaven for help.

Ansuz is associated with self-expression especially through the spoken word. It is the rune of Odin, associated with air which is the element responsible for communication, the gift of speech and contacts between people (including trade).


Rune’s image was adapted from Mrooczlandia


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