Rune of the Week, Feb 8-14th 2016

Long time ago when we were still picking rune of the week for our forum, it was just for several people who knew one another and the aim was to observe the rune’s manifestation in daily life.

When we decided to concentrate on the Facebook page only, we kept the custom of picking rune of the week, partially because we were used to it and partially because of nostalgia. My co-admin Rafal was making the videos with the runes meanings on YouTube when he had some time.

However, the community has grown significantly since then so now while picking the rune we do not pose the question ‘What will happen in our lives this week?’ but instead we request showing the most important aspect which will be visible that time. It may happen in different ways such as e.g. in the form of weather. I am always curious how rune of the week manifests its influence in your lives, if anyone wants to share, I will be happy.

Have a great week



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