Laguz, Rune of Water

I don’t know what weather is like in the place where you live but it is rainy and cloudy here. Sure, this is what I could have expected while picking rune of the week but still I would rather be wrong in this case.

I am not an expert in the topics concerning runes but I promised to share my experience on this blog so here is my tip number 1


Observe its shape and think about whatever it reminds you of.  Let your imagination work and then write down you associations.

Let’s have a look at Laguz


Doesn’t it remind you of a sea wave rising and falling down?

Or a waterfall on a steep hill?

Since Laguz is the rune of water, let’s have a look at this element, too. Think in what way it is present in your life.

Have a great (and perhaps not so wet) weekend

Anna Solun


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