Old German: Kenaz ( “Torch”)
Old Norse: Kaun, Kauna, Kaunan ( “Inflammation, Pus”)
Old English: Cen ( “To Know, To Be Able To, Can”)
Gothic: Kusma ( “Swelling”)
other: Kano, Kusmas, Kaunaz

Character: energetic and reversible rune
Symbol: torch / mirror
Phone: k


Color: orange, red, bright red, purple
Stone: haematite
Plant: pine, primrose
Animal: owl
Number: 6
Moon phase: new moon
Element: Fire

Divination Meaning:

Positive: opening, understanding, new insight, impulse, will, enthusiasm, willpower, inner fire, romance, hobby, passion, desire, love, sex, impregnation, heat, flame, light in the darkness, idea, creativity, creation, revelation, enlightenment, renewal, look from a different perspective as if in the mirror, science, education, knowledge, exam, crafts, job offer, professional development

Negative: chill, darkness, ignorance, flash in the pan, crusting in the old schemes, fever, ulcer, exacerbation, suppression of feelings, lack of will, lack of stability, the excess of energy, aversion to learning, sexual disorders, expiring passion in the relationship


Develop creative talents. Look inside yourself. Open up to the new possibilities, but do not play with fire.

In most sources there is no assignment of Kenaz to specific deities, except for one rather unclear attributing the patronage to Heimdall, Freyr and Freyja. The word “can” associated with this rune shows exactly the character of Kenaz.


Rune’s image was adapted from Mrooczlandia





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