Rune of Odin and Frigg


Old German: Wunjo ( “Joy”)
Old Norse: Wunju ( “Joy, Hope”)
Old English: Wyn ( “Pleasure, Delight”)
Gothic: Winja ( “Grazing”)
Other: Vend, Vin, Uinne, Winja, Wungo, Wunja, Wenne

Character: magnetic and reversible rune
Symbol: flag, banner of arms
Phone: w


Colour: magenta, yellow, gold, light blue
Stone: diamond
Plant: ash tree, flax
Animal: eagle
Number: 8
Phase of the Moon: new moon
Element: earth / air / ice (water)

Divination Meaning:

Positive: joy, happiness, pleasure, gaiety, relatives, community, companionship, common roots and sources, a fusion of opposites, family, success, balance, openness, trust, winning, fun, joyous time, prosperity, well-being, victory, recognition, satisfaction, happy family, fame, making dreams come true, prize, rest, peace, harmony, correct proportions, positive thinking, force of mind, enthusiasm

Negative: sadness, depression, gloom, nostalgia, misfortune, failure, inability to achieve goals, alienation, misunderstanding, too light approach to the problem, neglect, reluctance to engage in, excessive devotion to the pleasures of life, addiction to substances having impact on body and mind, abuse of trust, sowing discord among friends, slander, selfishness, dependence, immaturity


Enjoy the moment (preferably with someone close). Consider the advice of a friend.

Wunjo ends Freyr’s æett . It symbolizes the support of close people, do not forget that in the times when the Elder Futhark it was very difficult to survive without the help of tribesmen .


Rune’s image was adapted from Mrooczlandia http://www.mrooczlandia.com/darmowe/index.php?plik=karty_runiczne







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