Rune of Hel, goddess of death, ruler of Niflheim. It begins her Aett.


Old German – Hagalaz ( “Hail, Egg”)
Old Norse– Hagall ( “Hail”)
Old English – Hægl, Gægl ( “Hail”)
Gothic – Hagl ( “Hail”)
other: Haal, Hagalar, Hagl, Hagalz, Haglaz

Character: energetic and irreversible
Symbol: a bridge between worlds
Phone: h


Colour: black, light blue (all colours)
Stone: onyx
Plant: rowan, yew, ash, elm, lily of the valley
Animal: stork
Number: 9
Phase of the Moon: full
Element: ice (water) / all the elements

Divination Meaning:

Positive: new opportunities, growth, germination, flowering, the balance of power, a change for the better, control of the changes that are taking place, rebirth, intuition, mystical knowledge, structure, evolution, transformation, a look from a different perspective, psychic skills

Negatives: challenge, threat, disruption of plans, destruction by the forces of nature, interference, sudden and unexpected change, loss of wealth, scarcity, withdrawal, coldness, decay, crisis, lack of control, chaos, annihilation, violence, restriction, interruption or delay of plans, unpredictable circumstances, difficult path to the destination, suffering, disease, injury, death


Changes are an integral part of life, it makes no sense to escape them. The end of the old is always the beginning of a new one. Go beyond previous limitations. Wait out a bad time. The bigger the challenge, the more you gain by conquering the obstacles.

All the translations of Hagal’s name mean “hail”, which was an extremely serious problem for the ancient tribes. In the moment when the seeds survived the winter, germinated and almost could be collected, the storm was coming to destroy the crops.


Rune’s image was adapted from Mrooczlandia http://www.mrooczlandia.com/darmowe/index.php?plik=karty_runiczne





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